VP of Growth

Wellington, New Zealand


Reports to CEO

Raygun is an award winning growing business Headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand. Their services help customers dramatically improve the quality of their software with real time feedback on customer experience, software bugs and application monitoring.

Raygun’s products are already trusted by some of the biggest global businesses. The markets sold into are already significant, with more than $7 billion a year spend on Application Performance Monitoring (and the market is growing at 12% per annum). Our goal is to be a dominant player in the markets in which we operate, while also expanding the overall market.

With the products in place, and plenty of satisfied customers, Raygun is scaling up. One of our key role additions in 2019 will be the VP of Growth - owning all revenue generating capabilities of the business, with a goal of 100% annual growth in recurring revenues. You will be a critical member of the Raygun Leadership Team.

Raygun is unique in that we balance high growth with building a sustainable business. While we may raise capital to accelerate capturing opportunity, we are not tied into the VC business growth model of 18 month funding cycles and high burn rates. We do however, want to accelerate our growth and have the capital to do so today.

Today, Raygun has an effective marketing team and early stage customer success and business development teams. The leaders of these teams will report to you, with any additional teams necessary to achieve growth also being built as your part of the organisation and you will lead the charge with who you bring on in any new roles. You will recommend resourcing and organisational structure changes in service of growth.


You are responsible for Raygun’s revenue growth. Your direct reports will be the leaders of the various growth teams. These teams today are Marketing, Customer Success and Business Development however you will be expected to build any additional teams that aid in growing Raygun’s revenue.

Your core KPI will be targeting an annual recurring revenue growth rate of 100%.





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