Analytics Manager

Wellington, New Zealand


Raygun has always been a business that deals with data to make decisions, but we’ve outgrown our approach. We are establishing a new analytics team, reporting directly to our Chief Operating Officer, to take our internal analytics and reporting to the next level.

You’ll be in the Operations team to help ensure that analytics span the entire business - marketing, product, finance & saas metrics. Connecting the dots between all aspects of our operations and helping us double down on one of our core values: Assume nothing, measure everything!

Our intention is to start with a team of two: an Analytics Manager (you!) and a Data Engineer. You will have the opportunity to help define how Business Intelligence is built out at Raygun - in helping build out the team, educating the wider team and how data is presented back to the wider business. You’ll be excited at the opportunity to help dramatically impact the business by being one of the first to focus entirely on finding meaning in our internal data.

You’ll have strong business skills, understanding what impacts our customers, drives growth and affects the various metrics that we drive the business with. You’ll be the bridge between the SQL/Statistics level work and the business users. You’ll have a strong understanding of statistics and help ensure that our numbers are as meaningful as possible (the use of averages should make you cringe!).

While not part of this role, Raygun processes huge volumes of data for customers (100m+ data points per hour). We would love a team member who runs Analytics to be able to give insight and suggestions on how value could be created for our customers from that data stream.


Build the Raygun Analytics practice

Define the analytics stack

Bonus Requirements (nice to have):

Personal attributes


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